About mTreatment

Our goal is to connect you to your health through an easy and interactive web portal. We know that accessing all of your health care data can be difficult to remember and spread out, that's why we aim to bring it all together in a single portal that simplifies access to your data from both the patient and provider side.

  • Provider to Patient Health Care
  • Finding providers close to you
  • Reviewing your providers
  • Access to your online medical records
  • Bring all of your different types records to one portal

How mTx can help



  • Ability to store and maintain personal health records
  • Access to standardize administrative intake forms
  • Coordinate and connect care in a timely manner with providers
  • Decrease time trying to coordinate care
  • Request medical records from providers *
  • Maintain up-to-date demographic and insurance information *
  • Reduce and eliminate redundant labs, imaging, and procedures *
  • Connect with family members and delegate appropriate access to them to help with care *
  • Track guardianship/proxy information *
  • Track referrals, labs, prescriptions, immunizations/vaccinations, hospitalizations, diagnoses, allergies, and emergency contacts *
  • Maintain blood type and genetic information *
  • Access to participate in prevention, education, health, and wellness programs *
  • Identify appropriate treatment options more effectively *
  • Interface with Social Security, Disability, Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs, State Health Information Exchanges (HIEs), Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), and other relevant State & Federal programs *
  • Access to telehealth services and clinical case managers *
  • Delivery of quality, value-based care for both public and private sectors *

Hospitals/Health Systems/Academic Medical Centers

  • Allow physicians to connect with their organization
  • Connect the hospitals to the outpatient physicians and providers for better care coordination
  • Decrease avoidable 30-day readmissions *
  • Access to a value-based, integrated, and interoperable care model *
  • Help improve quality and performance metrics *
  • Engage with patients across multiple systems with many stakeholders *


  • Save time with easier access to patient information
  • Assist in obtaining complete and accurate health histories
  • Improve clinical decision-making *
  • Reduce medication errors *
  • Coordinate care across levels of care with multiple providers and organizations *
  • Enhance diagnoses and treatment decisions *

Pharmacies/Pharmacy Benefit Management Companies

  • Identify errors in prescribing *
  • Alert pharmacists and providers of red flags *
  • Connect diagnoses with prescribed medications *
  • Reduce costs of filling ineffective prescribed medications *
  • Eliminate medical errors from prescribing *

Laboratories/Reference Laboratories

  • Expedited coordination of care
  • Prompt identification of orders testing *
  • Improve access and management of testing *

Diagnostic Imaging Centers

  • Simplify patient referrals and track status *
  • Save time requesting and sending medical records
  • Simplify the transferring of imaging documents to authorized providers and organizations *

Clinical Documents/Medical Records Requests

  • Expedite delivery of pertinent patient information
  • Reduce retrieval time on patient records and coordination of care for discharge planners
  • Reduce delays in patient care and access to Social Security, Disability, Life Insurance, and other benefit programs *

Behavioral Health Providers

  • Enhance the communication from primary care providers and specialists with the mental health and substance use disorder providers
  • Improve patient outcomes and long-term disease management *
  • Alert providers for harmful drug-drug interactions *
  • Reduce prescribing of addictive drugs for those patients in recovery *

Emergency Services/Ambulatory Centers/Specialty Clinics

  • Access to pertinent patient information in real-time *
  • Rapid patient identification, diagnosis, and treatment intervention *
  • Reduction in prescribing and medical errors *

Long-Term Care Providers & Home Health Companies

  • Access to pertinent hospital, physician, lab, pharmacy, and diagnosis information *
  • Reduce medical complications *
  • Obtain correct patient information for care transitions and coordination *

Private Insurances/Managed Care Organizations

  • Reduce unnecessary and redundant spending
  • Identify at risk patients for hospital readmission *
  • Empower network providers to intervene with the patient and family and provide appropriate clinical solutions *
  • Improve clinical research, payment guidelines, and public health analysis *

Public Health Offices/Federal & State Government Offices

  • Improve population health management *
  • Assist in the development of clinical guidelines and public health policies and programs *
  • Reduce unnecessary spending for Medicare and Medicaid recipients *
  • Monitor high-risk medical and psychiatric patients remotely *

Pharmaceutical & Medical Research Organizations

  • Access to patient unidentified medical information for retrospective medical device and pharmaceutical studies *
  • Market new clinical research studies and coordinate enrollment across the U.S. *
* Indicates future features

mTx Services

Personalized Healthcare portal

All of your health information in one place. The ability to manage and schedule appointments, fill out electronic forms, and manage your healthcare forms.

Secure Document Storage

Securely store and access your medical documents from anywhere.

Provider Services

As a provider you get your own portal that you can sign up for and access for free! This portal will allow you to connect with patients while also enabling you to get the information you need. With our access control system, you can request information and have the patient release it to you directly through the portal.

Managment at an organization level

Hospitals/ Practices/ etc can help connect their providers with patients to create a better environment for everybody.

The Leadership Team

Lawrence S. Wall Jr., MBA – Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Larry has been involved in the healthcare industry for over thirteen years. He has had a productive career in entrepreneurship as a healthcare executive with extensive experience in supply chain management and distribution, clinical and administrative operations at a group physician practice, and started his own healthcare consulting firm. Prior to co-founding mTreatment, he was a consultant for American Charities Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit in Colorado, where he worked directly with the Board of Directors to develop their business and increase revenue from $680k to over $3.3M within fifteen months. He was also instrumental in the transition to a new Board of Directors and assumed the role of Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer before departing from the organization to focus on mTreatment. Prior to that, he served as the Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer of Compass Health Systems, PA, Compass Colorado Health Care Systems, Inc., and Compass Carolina Health Care Systems, Inc. As the EVP/COO of Compass, he ran the day-to-day administrative and clinical operations, along with managing the revenue cycle. He gained a tremendous amount of experience and an in-depth understanding of corporate development, fiscal responsibilities, interdisciplinary teams, clinical programs, managed care contracting, credentialing and billing, revenue cycle management, and the business nuances of healthcare. He implemented many new efficient and effective processes and systems that contributed to increased revenues, cost-savings, and corporate growth.

Larry is passionate about advancing the digital health space and connecting care over the next few years. His experience and knowledge from working in the healthcare industry has helped him identify a niche in the interoperability space. He truly understands the pulse and future of the healthcare industry.

He holds an MBA in Health Sector Management and Policy from the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida and a BA in Chemistry from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. He also is an active Certified Addictions Professional (CAP) in Florida, an active Certified Addiction Counselor – Level II in Colorado, and an active Internationally Certified Alcohol & Drug Abuse Counselor (ICADC).

Larry is a member of the Board of Directors for the Problem Gambling Coalition of Colorado and participated in many industry trade symposiums, conferences, and associations over the past decade. In his free time, he is an avid golfer, skier, and tennis player.

Nicholas R. Favero – Co-Founder & Chief Software Engineer

Nicholas R. Favero is a Software Engineer who graduated from Colorado State University who resides in Denver. He has worked on several different projects, ranging from Oil & Gas workflows, Tasking and retrieving satellite imagery from different satellites and companies, and has done GIS software for power distribution networks. Nick is a full stack developer who specializes in web technology and GIS software ranging from small and new products to bug fixing and improvements upon existing technologies. He has used a range of technologies and coding languages to help achieve his goals and is a hard worker who is always trying to improve himself and bring the best possible product to his customers.

Advisory Board