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About mTreatment

mTreatment (mTx) is an electronic health record (EHR) company that is currently focusing on the psychiatry, mental health, addiction, and behavioral health space. We are working with various licensed, certified, and credentialed providers and administrators in group physician practices, substance use disorder facilities, psychiatric hospitals, and mental health centers to manage client care and connect the behavioral health ecosystem.

In the mTx EHR system, we offer a full suite of features from patient management functionality, eForms, charting, scheduling, surveys, secure sharing capabilities among mTx organizations, provider/administrative notifications and reminders, reporting tools, and custom workflows for your practice operations.

We are now offering e-Prescribing for our physicians and nurse practitioners through DoseSpot. This is new offering as of December 2022.

Our goal is to connect you to your health through an easy and interactive web portal. We know that accessing all of your health care data can be difficult to remember and spread out, that's why we aim to bring it all together in a single portal that simplifies access to your data from both the patient and provider side.

  • Provider to Patient Health Care
  • Finding providers close to you
  • Reviewing your providers
  • Access to your online medical records
  • Bring all of your different types records to one portal


Client Portal

Our Secure - free to use health care portal where you can communicate with your providers, store up to 3GB of you health care records, schedule appointments, fill out documentation online, and share documents and forms straight to your providers. No more need for faxing records, going into an office in person, or lengthy delays for getting your information where it needs to be.

mTx Client Portal

mTx COVID-19 Self-Disclosure Tool

COVID-19 has disrupted our culture and way of life unlike anything in recent history. Our new tool is a Contact Tracing tool to help governments and employers to help open up our society in a safe and responsible way. Unlike conventional COVID-19 tracking tools, ours is non invasive and allows for you as the user to control how much information you choose to share. We provide ways to notify individuals in your life of potential exposure, Geotag locations you have been and notify you about potential exposures at those locations. Our number one priority is your safety and the privacy of your information. We deidentify all of your information and use it for reporting and analytic purposes. We believe that being infected with this virus is not a crime and should not be able to be used against you.

COVID-19 Self-Disclosure Tool

Organization Portal

Our Secure portal for Organizations is a fast user-friendly way to manage your practice. The portal is free to sign up and use for document storage and patient management. Start sharing documents with your clients and other organizations. Additional features are available to pay for as your need grows. These additional features include our eForm Technology, Patient to Provider Chat, Notifications and Scheduling. New features are constantly being released as well! So come manage your practice today with mTreatment.

mTx Org Portal

FAQ mTreatment

How can I get support if I need it?

We provide support to our customers/clients via email, on-demand trainings, one-on-one video calls, and phone support. You can reach our support team at

Can I get a demo?

Yes, we offer a product tour and demo that will give you an overview of the products and features offered in the mTx Organization Portal.

What credit card processor do you use, and can I use mine instead?

Our customer subscriptions are powered by Stripe, our PCI-compliant credit card processing partner. Our customers can use a different credit card processor, but you will need to do so outside of mTreatment.

How much do you charge per provider?

We change $50/provider/month for access to our scheduling, eForms, Charting, reporting, admin core features. Our randomizer, surveys, and ePrescribing are available for an additional fee. Please contact our sales team at

As a client, do I have to pay to store my medical records?

No, as a client, you get up to 3GB of secured, encrypted, and HIPAA compliant storage at no cost. Pricing for additional client portal storage capacity from 3GB up to 50GB is $1.99 per month, up to 200GB is $9.99, and up to 2TB is $19.99. We will notify you when you reach 3GB of storage.

Where can I download your terms Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

Privacy Policy
Terms of Use

mTx Services

Personalized Healthcare portal

All of your health information in one place. The ability to manage and schedule appointments, fill out electronic forms, and manage your healthcare forms.

Secure Document Storage

Securely store and access your medical documents from anywhere.

Provider Services

As a provider you get your own portal that you can sign up for and access for free! This portal will allow you to connect with patients while also enabling you to get the information you need. With our access control system, you can request information and have the patient release it to you directly through the portal.

Management at an organization level

Hospitals/ Practices/ etc can help connect their providers with patients to create a better environment for everybody.

The Leadership Team

Lawrence S. Wall Jr., MBA – Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Larry has been involved in the healthcare industry for over thirteen years. He has had a productive career in entrepreneurship as a healthcare executive with extensive experience in supply chain management and distribution, clinical and administrative operations at a group physician practice, and started his own healthcare consulting firm. Prior to co-founding mTreatment, he was a consultant for American Charities Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit in Colorado, where he worked directly with the Board of Directors to develop their business and increase revenue from $680k to over $3.3M within fifteen months. He was also instrumental in the transition to a new Board of Directors and assumed the role of Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer before departing from the organization to focus on mTreatment. Prior to that, he served as the Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer of Compass Health Systems, PA, Compass Colorado Health Care Systems, Inc., and Compass Carolina Health Care Systems, Inc. As the EVP/COO of Compass, he ran the day-to-day administrative and clinical operations, along with managing the revenue cycle. He gained a tremendous amount of experience and an in-depth understanding of corporate development, fiscal responsibilities, interdisciplinary teams, clinical programs, managed care contracting, credentialing and billing, revenue cycle management, and the business nuances of healthcare. He implemented many new efficient and effective processes and systems that contributed to increased revenues, cost-savings, and corporate growth.

Larry is passionate about advancing the digital health space and connecting care over the next few years. His experience and knowledge from working in the healthcare industry has helped him identify a niche in the interoperability space. He truly understands the pulse and future of the healthcare industry.

He holds an MBA in Health Sector Management and Policy from the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida and a BA in Chemistry from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. He also is an active Certified Addictions Professional (CAP) in Florida, an active Certified Addiction Counselor – Level II in Colorado, and an active Internationally Certified Alcohol & Drug Abuse Counselor (ICADC).

Larry is a member of the Board of Directors for the Problem Gambling Coalition of Colorado and participated in many industry trade symposiums, conferences, and associations over the past decade. In his free time, he is an avid golfer, skier, and tennis player.

Advisory Board